Some bright spots in today’s news and some not so bright spots.

1:  Some more hidden things being revealed…

Obamonomics Chilling Investors – Lefthandedness-hypocrisy.com

2:  No tomatoes for this Fast Food Chain…

Outbreak leads McDonald’s to stop serving sliced tomatoesusatoday.com

3:  First or second round for these two contenders…

McCain, Obama hit each other on economy-news.yahoo.com

4:  Yet another investigation for this star’s beau…

Anne Hathaway’s Beau in Hot Water Againabcnews.go.com

5:  It’s not quite what you think…

SEX and City star Cynthia Nixon Nipples shotdavesdaily.com

6:  Afraid to go home…

Crime a blues refrain for New Orleanscnn.com

7:  Looks like walking could become our new mode of transportation…

Gasoline pump price relief nowhere in sightreuters.com

8:  A safety office puts his own life on the line to save others…

Dead Regatta Sailor Hailed a ‘Hero’ for Helping Save 5 Other Matesfoxnews.com

9:  Fly these friendly skies, or not…

Papers run ads about fake airline Derrie-Airmsnbc.msn.com

10: To end with a bit of hypocrisy…

Hypocrisy of Pelosi, Reid, Conyers-hypocrisy.com

That’s all for today folks. Time for a relaxing walk on the beach.


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