Back Room Deals Are Now Partially Televised

by Jimmy Justo

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Cut the Deal.....The Democratic Party’s Rules Committee is still out for lunch break at 4:30PM. No wonder we can no longer afford our government.

Could it be they are making back room deals? I sure hope so.

Chris Matthews, before musing that it is a rather late lunch, is publicly wondering, more hoping, if Hillary is going to make a Soft Concession before the final primaries on June 3, as well as the unique one if Puerto Rico on June 1, as graciously as Nixon once did.

Al Gore once said it was not about Howard Dean. Howard Dean today says this is not about “our candidates” it is about our country, about restoring our reputation”. That seems to be about the failed policies of George Bush the Democratic candidates hope to pin on John McCain, but does it also presage that he thinks Obama or Hillary is better capable of doing that? Hint, if so, it is not Hillary he believes in.

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